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FloorOffice consists of AutoFloor and FloorDesk. AutoFloor is the general name for the drawing suite. FloorDesk is the general name for the administrative pack.

AutoFloor is the only AutoCAD based application on the market for drawing up plans of tapered schemes, that can be inserted for hollowcore slabs/beam and block floors and wide slabs. AutoFloor is a brand new object-orientated development. Thanks to a strong automatisation in the development stage, plans are designed in no time. With one simple click, detail sheets and fabrication drawings are generated. AutoFloor connects seamless to the FloorDesk applications and is 100% fully integrated in the AutoCAD Userinterface. All known editing functions (copy, mirror, stretch, etc…) are executed by AutoCAD functions. This way the learning curve is reduced and extra menus are limited.

AutoFloor consists of following modules:

FloorDesk provides a complete ERP solution based on an open SQL database. The FloorDesk software consists of a complete project succession from offer to invoice up to floor. This all-in-one solution communicates one by one with the AutoFloor applications. This way a seamless project-passthrough is established without loss of data. Double input and the chance of errors belong to the past.

FloorDesk consists of following modules:

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